Online Events for Homebirth Cesarean Mothers


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I spent two years without really moving forward from my HBC. Attending an online Healing Circle changed all that. I connected with myself and my birth in a way I never could. Conversations with my partner and birth story sharing with my baby began to flow after the first session. I am forever grateful that I took the leap and signed up.
—Jo, HBC mother, Montana


So many of us carry our scars with sadness, blame, and shame. These physical and emotional scars weigh heavily on our memories and can interfere with the way we want to mother our children and show up in the world. During this online healing circle, mothers who experienced homebirth cesareans will gather to share, learn, and heal from their difficult or traumatic births.
Week 1:
Healing Your Scars

Removing yourself from the shame and blame wheel
     Opening the Healing Circle
     Healing Circle intentions and tenets
     The involuntary stress response during your HBC – why you aren’t to blame
     Triggers and what they mean for you
     Closing the Healing Circle


Week 2:
Finding the Power in Your Birth

Creating a loving story to hold in your heart and share with your family
     Opening the Healing Circle
     What it means to find power in story
     Searching for healing within your birth story
     Exploration of a commitment exercise
     Taking a moment with your story
     Closing the Healing Circle


Week 3:
Moving Forward with Compassion

Loving yourself and your journey
    Opening the Healing Circle
    Growing strong
    Self-acceptance and your birth
    Appreciation exercise
    Living in the real world outside this circle
    Closing the Healing Circle


Technology Requirements
Computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with audio, video, and Internet capabilities. A headset is strongly recommend but not required.

Online Healing Circle FAQs

Who facilitates the Healing Circle for HBC Mothers? 
Courtney Jarecki, your Healing Circle founder and facilitator, became an HBC mama in 2011. She is the author of
 Homebirth Cesarean and Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean and she is also the founder of the Homebirth Cesarean movement. Courtney has years of workshop and retreat facilitation experience and guides in a manner that is gentle and direct. She understands that women need safety in order to take risks, and she provides a compassionate and supportive environment in which to do so.

What is the online Healing Circle experience like?
Courtney Jarecki creates an online experience for mothers that is both intimate and engaging. Each session is well organized yet easily follows the flow of conversation without one person, emotion, or story dominating the conversation. All attendees can see and hear each other and everyone is given time and space to ask questions and, at appropriate times, share stories.

What happens after I register?
Upon receipt of your PayPal or check payment, you will receive a welcome email from Courtney laying out the foundation of the Healing Circle. Detailed instructions to ensure you are technologically ready to begin, along with personal inner work to prepare you prior to your first session, ensure that each mother will be ready for the first Healing Circle. A private Google Group invitation will also be sent to all registered attendees so we have a safe space, away from our regular social media and email platforms, to ask questions and share.

I’m a little nervous about the Healing Circle, I’ve never signed up for anything like this before!
Feeling a little nervous makes total sense. The good news is that everyone else will be a little nervous as well. The other good news is that the Healing Circle is structured and facilitated in such a way that allows for time to ease into the online social aspect of the gathering, while creating a safe environment that is customized to meet each woman wherever she is on her healing path. Go ahead, step into that nervousness and act from it. It is surely to bring you something great.

Can my little one be in the same room as me during our weekly sessions? 
To create a sacred and contemplative space where all mothers can be fully present, we ask that your child has a caregiver nearby other than you. If that is not possible, please try to keep your little one happy and occupied so that you can explore your deepest self. Please be aware that because your children’s stories intertwine with your own, it can be difficult to speak your truths fully in their presence for fear of how our words might impact them. As mothers, we also understand how it can be difficult to find childcare and, for that reason, we allow children to be present in the same room during the weekly sessions.

Will there be homework?
Prior to the Healing Circle, each mother will receive preparation work to help strengthen her for the retreat so everyone can more easily drop into a space of openness and healing. This work takes about an hour. This online Healing Circle also requires about an hour of reading from both HBC books: Homebirth Cesarean and Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean. Both books will be used and referenced throughout the Healing Circle and in many months to come as each woman dives deeper into her healing. Between sessions mothers will be asked to contemplate what was discussed and reflect on their responses and reactions to it throughout the week.

What if I miss an online session?
All sessions will be recorded (audio only) and the file will be emailed to you via Dropbox.

Do you offer refunds?
If the Healing Circle is cancelled due to low attendance, your money will be refunded minus any PayPal fees. If you cannot attend the workshop you may use your payment for another online or in-person event within 1 year. Refunds will not be given if you need to cancel.

How can I talk with someone about the Healing Circle? 
We are more than happy to answer all of your questions about the Healing Circle. Please contact us here.