In-Person Workshops for Birth Professionals

Birthing with dignity and power, from home to operating room

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Hosting and attending the HBC workshop was so valuable to me as a midwife and doula. I have always sympathized with my HBC clients but the workshop allowed me to understand their experience in a fuller and deeper way.  Even more importantly, it empowered me with thoughtful and well-researched tools to prepare and support my clients—prenatally, during a transport, and in their postpartum healing. I am so grateful for everything I learned from Courtney and I have used the tools with all of my clients since then with lovely results!
—Elizabeth Reiner, CPM and Doula, Maryland

Workshop Description
When a woman plans an out-of-hospital birth, or a natural birth in the hospital, she may experience deep grief, trauma, and life-altering mental and emotional outcomes if she ends up in the operating room. The support she receives from her birth team, beginning with her prenatal care and ending with her last postpartum appointment, can influence the next years of her life as a birther, mother, and woman.

During this 7-hour hands-on and interactive workshop, you’ll learn practical tools and strategies to care for women, families, and yourself during difficult or traumatic births. The information, insights, tools, and strategies shared have been gathered from over 250 interviews with mothers, partners, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, and renowned birth professionals from around the world.

If you are a seasoned professional, student, or aspiring birth worker, this workshop will provide you with resources you will call upon many times over throughout your career and even in your personal life. Midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, mental health workers, OB/GYNs, nurses, and advocates have attended and benefited from this learning experience.

I feel so blessed to have attended this workshop. I absolutely feel better prepared to talk to expecting parents about cesarean and to support them through the process. It sounds like all of us are now on a mission with you to bring awareness and healing to families who experience a cesarean birth.
—Kellie, Labor Doula and HBC mother, Oregon


Here is a brief glimpse of the workshop’s agenda:

  • Self-assessment work around your own fears and biases of the hospital and cesarean
  • Cesarean prenatal preparation for all your clients
  • Planning for and feeling comfortable with mental health, transport, and cesarean conversations
  • Assessing and working with risk factors that may lead to traumatic birth
  • Clinically validated mental health screening tools
  • Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C for families
  • Pre-labor homebirth cesareans
  • Transport during labor
  • The Stress Response – Fight, Flight, and Freeze
  • The Four Points of Centering
  • Exploring how an HBC affects you as a birth professional
  • Caring for the mother in the hospital after her cesarean
  • The womb room
  • Incision care, infection, and wound management
  • Physical healing modalities
  • Probiotics and gut health after surgery
  • Breasteeding after trauma
  • Perinatal mood & anxiety disorders (PMADs) & Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

I foresee our local birth culture evolving as a direct result of the powerful tools Courtney shared in her workshop. Courtney is a powerful teacher, weaving sensitivity, creativity, and even humor, to bring this important information to life.
—Kestrel Gates, Postpartum Author, Oregon