"Homebirth Cesarean" "Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean"
“Homebirth Cesarean”
“Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean”


Homebirth Cesarean: Stories and Support for Families and Healthcare Providers (Incisio Press)

The term “homebirth cesarean” has only recently entered the birth world’s lexicon. Today the phrase, which refers to a planned out-of-hospital birth that ends in the hospital operating room, represents new understanding and healing pathways for mothers, families, and birth professionals.


The book Homebirth Cesarean eloquently captures over 250 voices from mothers, partners, midwives, OB/GYNs, and mental health professionals about the physical, emotional, and psychological trauma associated with homebirth cesareans. World-renowned childbirth and postpartum experts, including Penny Simkin, Sarah Buckley, Pam England, Elizabeth Davis, Sister MorningStar, and Michel Odent, help set the stage for a new benchmark around conversations, tools, and shared healing before, during, and after a homebirth cesarean. These far-ranging conversations form the multidisciplinary foundation of Homebirth Cesarean.


Homebirth Cesarean aspires to bring deeper understanding to these unrecognized births, to celebrate the women and birth professionals transformed by them, and to give childbirth and postpartum professionals the tools they need to support families as they begin their parenting journeys.

Healing from a Homebirth Cesarean, (Incisio Press) is a companion workbook that adds a deeper level of understanding and exploration for mothers healing in the aftermath of a planned out-of-hospital birth that ended in the operating room. This workbook is a trusted and ideal companion for HBC mothers no matter where they are in their journey or how recently they experienced their HBC. Over six chapters, HBC mothers chart their course of self-paced healing with simple practices, creative exercises, and meditations. A powerful and safe exploration into healing after a difficult birth, this is an essential guide for women seeking their identity as a birth warrior and mother.